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Changelog für pn_bbsmile Version 1.17

- fixed [#3411] XHTML Validation errors

Version 1.17
- no new features, just internal cleanups:
- some .762 changes
- javscript changes
- layout changes
- inline styles moved to style.css

Version 1.16
- minimum requirement now PN .760+
- removed displayhook due to compatibility problems
** IMPORTANT!!! **
** You need to go the hooks settings **
** for all modules where this transform **
** hook is activated and submit this **
** page in order to activte the **
** display hooks too!!! **

Version 1.15:
- showing smilies now as display hook.

Version 1.14 AutoSmilie: 2005-04-29
- added a Module-Var, which indicates a directory
All Files out of this directory (gif,jpg,pjep,png) are included automatically as
Smilies in this hook
Credits for the basic idea and work go to Bolbit (Thomas Pawlitzki,
This closes FR[ 1058440 ] add Smiles
implemented FR [ 1135445 ] Generalise the hooks javascript
smilies will be added at the cursor position now
IMPORTANT: the textarea needs an id now which has to be passed to the pn_bbsmile module:
<!--[ pnmodfunc modname=pn_bbsmile type=user func=bbsmiles textfieldid='mytextfieldid' ]-->
shows the smilie selection

Version 1.13:
- moved all pn_bbsmile stuff from pnForum to the hook

Version 1.12: December 19th 2004
- code cleanups

Version 1.11: October 25th 2004
- pnRendered admin panel

Version 1.10: July 2nd 2003
- added alt-tags for better HTML compliance

Version 1.00: January 17th 2003
- minor fix in smiles code (better compatibility to forum posts)

Version 0.99: January 11th 2003
- initial release

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