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Changelog für pn_bbcode Version 1.21

Version 1.21: Nov 12, 2006
- added patch [#2953] Re-worked what is bbcode template
- .762 changes
- updated GeSHI to

Version 1.20: Nov 22, 2005
- fixed bug in list tag
- added alt parameter to img tag (credits to Franky Chestnut)
- img tag now allows local paths
- added sorting of GeSHi languages

Version 1.19: Oct 07, 2005
- minimum requirement now PN .760+
- removed displayhook due to compatibility problems
** IMPORTANT!!! **
** You need to go the hooks settings **
** for all modules where this transform **
** hook is activated and submit this **
** page in order to activte the **
** display hooks too!!! **
- fixed bug with IMG-tag embedded in URL-tag
- fixed scrambling of bbcode tags in lists (credits to Norm Winkel for
finding this one)

Version 1.18:
- showing bbcodes user interface now as display hook
- GeSHi updated to, fixed security bug

Version 1.17: May 20, 2005
- fixed problem with empty code blocks
- special support for mail2forum feature of pnForum
- admin can allow access to links (url and mail) with permissions:
unreg. users (group) | pn_bbcode:modname:Links | .* | ACCESS_NONE
unreg. users (group) | pn_bbcode:modname:Emails | .* | ACCESS_NONE
unreg. users (group) | pn_bbcode:pnForum:Links | .* | ACCESS_NONE
unreg. users (group) | pn_bbcode:pagesetter:Emails | .* | ACCESS_NONE
code tags will be added at the cursor position now, marked textportions will be empbraced
with tags
IMPORTANT: the textarea needs an id now which has to be passed to the pn_bbcode module:
<!--[ pnmodfunc modname=pn_bbcode type=user func=bbcodes textfieldid='mytextfieldid' ]-->
shows the bbcode selection

Version 1.16: March 6th, 2005
- using GeSHi ( for optional syntax highlighting
in code tags

Version 1.15:
- changed quote and code configuration to use one textarea now,
you can use %u for placing the username and %t now for the quoted text in quote or
%h for the value of _PNBBCODE_CODE, %c for the code and %e for the urlencoded text in code.
- using external stylesheet now if existing.
- fixed a bug that only treated the first code tag block correctly
- fix in code settings template
- added user function to show some help about bbcode

Version 1.14: January 10th, 2005
- further improvement in interaction with other hooks
- new bbcode tags for underlined text, text size and text color (configurable)

Version 1.13:
- internal version

Version 1.12: December 19th 2004
- code cleanups
- improved interaction with other hooks

Version 1.11: October 12th 2004
- added configurable quote and code tags

Version 1.10: July 2nd 2003
- fixed tags for better HTML compliance

Version 1.00: January 17th 2003
- minor fix for br2nl function

Version 0.99: January 11th 2003
- initial version

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