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Changelog für Photoshare Version 4.2.0


Version 4.2.0
* Added possibility to define up to six extra input fields per image.
- this is although only a sub-perfect implementation since these fields have not
been included in the existing (prior to 4.1.0) templates.
* Added a new simple template named "Stylish". This uses three of the new extra fields.
* Now possible to move a whole album.
* Moved image display into separate libraries in order to reduce load time per image.
- whether this really improves load time or not is hard to say.
* Added "topic" as a URL variable to the list of all albums.
* Improved chances of getting Photoshare to work with short URLs
* Bugfix: selecting, deselecting and moving of images in an album did not work.
* Bugfix: moving images on page 2,3,... of thumbnails would move them to page 1
* Bugfix: added missing language define for "show all thumbnails".
* Bugfix: problem with compression enabled in PHP
* Bugfix: caching problem on some systems where images would only display one time.
* Bugfix: problem with use of viewkeys (which just didn't work).
* Bugfix: Danish tranlation of Slideshow had been replaced with Book template's
* Bugfix: image edit popup menu calculated wrong screen position
* Bugfix: large thumbnails could not be stored in database.
* Bugfix: did not work with PN .760 candidate due to bug in Photoshare

Version 4.0.1
* Bugfix: editing an image reset it's size to 0x0.
* Bugfix: rotating an image reset it's size to 0x0.
* Made image size recalculation more robust with respect to missing images or corrupt image data.
* Now logging image size recalculation for debugging on problematic servers.

Version 4.0.0
* Added display resizing code from Thomas Smiatek. Now you can show all images with a fixed
maximum display height and width. This feature forces you to recalculate image size of *all*
images due to a bug in all prior version of Photoshare. Goto admin:photoshare:recalculate and
fix it. Beware that this new feature does *not* resize the images, it only changes the
display size.
* Removed borders from thumbnails. They are now stored without resizing them to a quadratic
image. Stylesheets are used instead to add white background and a black border in the
various displays.
* Fixed a few upload bugs, improved error handling, and improved GIF handling.
* Added standard PostNuke searching.
* Added paging to thumbnail views (click for prev, next, and page N).
* Added admin settings for default album access. Now you can make all albums "view by all"
when they are created.
* Added admin setting for allowing users to publish for other individual users. This could
be considered a security breach since it lets Photoshare users see the complete list of user names.
* Added ob_end_clean() before showing images. This should solve some support cases where the
images are not displayed correctly due to some left-overs in a buffer.
* The random block now shows previous image when it encounters a folder without images.
* Added random image url: .../index.php?module=photoshare&func=viewimage&iid=random
* Changed popup image window HTML generation. Now depends on pnRender to generate output using
* Bugfix: cleaned up some HTML generating code with too many table tags.

Version 3.3.0
* Added selection of how an image should be pasted when selected into some editor as html.
- this can be full image, thumbnail, thumbnail with popup, link with popup and a few more.
* Added support for htmlArea 3.0 beta used in Pagesetter 3.0.0.
* Bugfix: error function used on topics errors failed.

Version 3.2.0
* Now image selector window depends on Photoshare's thumbnail size.
- it also works with htmlArea in fullscreen mode.

Version 3.1.1
* Improved support for integration of Photoshare in other modules. This time with the ability to
paste an image tag into the WYSIWYG editor "htmlArea". This was specifically done for use with
my new module Pagesetter.

Version 3.1.0
* Added support for integration of Photoshare into other PostNuke modules. See docs/integration.txt.
* Default sorting for list of image albums is now by date. At the same time sort by title has been

Version 3.0.2
* Bugfix: newlines, quotes and other special characters was not escaped in the Gallery template and could
therefore not be used in the image description.

Version 3.0.1
* Bugfix: when images where moved around using the cut'n paste feature then the images in the origin album
got the wrong sequence number. This meant it could be impossible to move certain images around inside one
specific album.
* Bugfix: no mime type was assigned for images imported from the local file system.
* Bugfix: some files were using wrong "<?php" tags.

Version 3.0.0
* The main album list is now templatable. Supplied list templates are the original list, a similar flat list
and a nested view of the albums.
* Added support for upload of zipped images.
* Added support for importing of images directly from the local file system (admin only).
* Maximum storage capacity may now be set independently for each user and/or group.
* The random block is now templatable with some simple ${xxx} variable substitutions and it may be
restricted to be updated at specific intervals only.
* Added popup-menus for image editing in the folder view.
* An album representation image may be specified (this is the one that shows up on the album list)
* Albums are now shown together with their parent folder(s) path A::B::C::...
* Removed filename extension from title when adding image without specific title ('Bornholm.jpg' => 'Bornholm').
* A default album viewer template can be set.
* Albums need not have an associated topic.
* Most images now have the ALT attribute set to the image title.

* "Parent album" is printed correctly on the image upload page.
* It is now possible to have multiple folders with identical titles.
* Gallery album template now shows more than 8 images.

Version 2.1
* Added random image block

Version 2.0
* New templating system that allows site administrators to design their own image presentations.
* Multiple images can now be selected and rotatede/deleted/copied/moved to other albums.
* Albums may be published by e-mail for specific persons.
* The main album list can now be sorted by date, title, author, and topic.
* Albums can now be hidden from the main album list (although they still adhere to the access control).
* The admin interface is improved with a bit more server information.
* Stylesheets are now loaded from files in Photoshare's directory structure. So you do not have to modify the theme's stylesheets.
* The overall performance has been improved by change of the SQL statements and the addition of some database indecies.

* Content-type was missing for images which made it impossible to view them on PostNuke systems with compression enabled.
* The image count is updated after image upload.
* The caching mechanism has been fixed.

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