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Changelog für PostCalendar Version 4.0.2

$Id: changelog.txt,v 1.4 2004/02/12 19:57:19 larsneo Exp $

[PostCalendar 4.0.2]

* various HTML compliancy issues fixed
(pnuserapi.php, calendar.php, function.pc_date_select.php,
function.pc_filter.php, function.pc_form_nav_open.php,
function.pc_url.php, function.pc_view_select.php,
* fix for empty topic title
(pnuser.php, function.pc_filter.php)
* fix for pnRender compliance
(function.pc_date_format.php, modifier.date_format.php)
* fix for templates (html compliance in default template)

[PostCalendar 4.0.1] SECURITY

* fixed missing input validations
* fixed possible sql injection in search

[PostCalendar 4.0.0]

* integrated both Patch 1 and Patch 2 into this distribution

* More intelligent Print View Handling
* Introduced $PRINT_VIEW Template Variable

* Fixed event details in popup bug
* Fixed missing translation defines
* Fixed small navigation - added permission check for add

[PostCalendar 3.9.9]

* added admin email notification option
* smarty plugins now moved to own directory and in seperate files
* fixed minor display issues with small calendar month views
* added no events message to day view
* some language file changes

* Safe Mode now Auto-Detected
* Remove Admin Setting for 'Is PHP Using Safe Mode?'

[PostCalendar 3.9.8]

* Fixes for username conflicts - username renamed to pc_username
* Pemission check tweaks
* More CSS Tweaks
* Fixed non-existent object in Test System
* Fixed _SETTING_DEFAULT_VIEW bug in pc_show_views plugin

[PostCalendar 3.9.7]

* Fixed webiste link getting lost
* Permissions should work as expected now
* Some template re-design and CSS Tweaks
* Fixed function () not found bug
* Fixed JavaScript Errors
* Fixed link/form targets in popup window
* Admin details now show original event start date

[PostCalendar 3.9.6]

* More Special Character Fixes
* Fixed loading of global.php
* removed pc_lid from pninit.php
* fixed upgrade script

* Fixes for special characters

[PostCalendar 3.9.5]

* Topic Text now used instead of Topic Name
* Categories sorted by name
* More il8n in templates for date formats
* Removed pnHTML calls from most of Admin

* Fixed colors in submit forms
* Added more robust repeating frequencies
* Modifed repeating logic
* Filter by all users
* Calendar block header css fixes
* Users can now edit/delete their own events
* HTML special character fixes

[PostCalendar 3.9.4]

* Fixed pcSmarty.class.php assign_by_ref bug
* More memory tweaks
* Error checking now works on Preview and Submit
* Added db indexes to help alleviate db query stress
* Cosmetic changes

[PostCalendar 3.9.3]

* Fixed event preview bug when not using topics
* Smarty now passes some values by reference

[PostCalendar 3.9.2]

* Fixed incorrect date display in event details
* Fixed issues with XForum
* New pcSafeMode Admin Setting
* Admin now uses details.html template
* Print view opens in new browser window
* Fixed smarty plugin showViews directory bug
* Event data is no longer loaded for YEAR views
* Some template tweaks
* Mouseovers added to calendar block month view

[PostCalendar 3.9.1]

* Fixed safe mode issues
* Fixed Print Bug
* Fixed list view templates for year and month
* Added pc_filter plugin
* Fixed pass-by-reference warning
* Fixed update of informant on event edit
* Fixed conflicts with postguestbook
* Fixed conflicts with XForum (unconfirmed)
* New Admin Image

[PostCalendar 3.9.0]

20021203 : rraymond
* Fixed upgrade procedure
* Optimized pcSmarty class
* Removed old TemplatePower and IT classes
* Preped for 3.9.0 release

20021202 : rraymond
* New PostCalendar::Topic permission
* New Order Param to pc_date_select
* New User Param to pc_date_select
* Print added to Details
* Fixed latency issue on menu settings
* Fixed postcalendar_footer() error on Print screens
* Added pcUseCace admin setting
* Added pcCacheLifetime admin setting
* Private events now display Correctly
* Optimzed Event SQL
* Added Use Default admin option
* Caching now REALLY works
* Search is working
* Added HTML or TEXT option to Add/Edit
* Fixed Admin Prev/Next and Sort links
* Optimized Year View template
* Added some missing translations
* Fixed garbled email addresses
* updated event detail and preview templates
* removed benchmarking results
* removed some old unused files

20021130 : rraymond
* New Permission PostCalendar::Topic
* Order parameter added to pc_date_select
* User parameter added to pc_date_select
* Added print function to event details
* Fixed Private event details display arror
* Print Screen fixes
* pcUseCache and pcCacheLifetime admin settings added
* pcDefaultView added to settings
* added link to reset settings to defaults
* the usual bug fixes
* search by keywords working

[PostCalendar 3.0]

PostNuke .71+ compatible
All new code, re-written from the ground up.
One block for all views
(Calendar/Current Events/Upcoming Events)
All data now held in one table
Recurring events should now display correctly
New Global Settings
New mouseover javascript popup code (overLIB)
More powerful administration
New Block Settings
New event detail display
New day view
New week view
New month view
New year view
New add event to day links
Upgrade old tables in admin
And much more...

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