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Hilfe für Online Messenger Postbuddy Version 1.0

The Online Messenger Postbuddy 1.0 beta is a Instant Messenger Module with new enhancements:

5 Purposes are given:

1) Making pm more simple:

>> You don't need a buddy list, quickly mail to an user, who is known by the system.
Click at the new messages box, to see and answer mails

2) Making pm more experience:

>> See and hear new mails incoming, see and hear incoming and vanishing members. Identify user
by his or her avatar

3) Making pm more flexible:

>> Every User can customize his own messenger, depending to his own prefers, internet browser and connection performances

4) Making pm more secure:

>> The Messenger uses now the pn security modell

5) Communicate more:

>> SPChat detection. Go directly in chat with an user


* New Design, fully theme integrated
* No more redeclare errors, pnAPI conform Database - Code
* Real cross browser compatibility, tested in popular browsers: IE 6, Mozilla 1.4, Opera 7, Netscape Navigator 7
* Silent-diplay- and spare-database-functionality (no flicker anymore)
* Multi-Language support. Language files in english and german
* User Customisation
* Different signals: Audio, visual and window popup. Different refresh-modes. Block- and window-mode
* Automatic Smilies an BBCode
* Popup box can suppress popup windows
* Avatars
* and more.



Copy all files in your pn-modules-directory. Install module. Set up a new Online Messenger Sideblock.
Customize your Messenger in the user menu, if you want.

Suggestions and Bugreports to:

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